February 2015

January 2015

A few days later than I would like, but here is the inaugural month of 2015.

2014 favorites

Throughout 2014 I’ve worked in two countries and three states. There were lots of adventures, but I am definitely looking forward to 2015 and settling in more here in Oregon. I’m excited to start more long term stories here as I learn more about Salem.

Oh you know…normal stuff

Starting fresh in Salem

Apparently, I’m the worst at blogging, because I’ve been working full-time in Salem, at the Statesman Journal, for more than a month now, and still nothing. Sorry I suck at this.

But Oregon has been wonderful so far. It is a gorgeous state filled with caring and involved people. Mike and I are truly liking living here and making new friends here.

I can’t wait to become more invested in Salem and be able to tell more stories of awesome people.

Here’s a bit of what I have photographed in the last month and a half or so.

Finishing up in Indy (a.k.a. so much State Fair)

rooftop rink

This week I was able to go on a night off and explore a rooftop hockey league. Games happen three nights a week, and I will definitely be back on Monday evening for the women’s night. I need to find a ladder though, so I can climb on a nearby building and show the scope of the rooftop hockey deck.

busy busy…and the start of a story

Indianapolis has been busy the past few weeks. A police officer was killed in the line of duty over the Fourth of July weekend. The city has come together since, with numerous peace rallies and vigils, and thousands coming out for his funeral and procession. Security was beefed up in many bar-heavy areas, and the city is still a bit on edge this weekend with the Black Expo happening downtown.

I also am starting a story I hope to explore more in the next few weeks. Pro wrestlers in Indianapolis converge at a run down garage just southwest of downtown on Friday nights. The crowd is small, but loyal every week.


This week I photographed a paralympics event, a World Cup viewing party and the downtown Indianapolis fireworks party and display. My vision may be limited to red, white and blue at this point.

First week (or so) at the Indianapolis Star

I’ve begun at the Indianapolis as a Pulliam photo fellow, and I really like it so far. All the other photographers are super helpful and fun so far. And the Indianapolis, as a city, is great, though I still have lots of exploring to do.

Here is a bit of what I’ve done in my first(ish) week.

Older stuff

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve blogged my work, and I want to get in the habit again. I think it pushes me to analyze my work more. I’m starting this new blog page because it is part of my already established portfolio website, but to see some of my (much) older stuff, head over here.

Thanks so much for bearing with me.